Research & Development

The R&D department is equipped with the latest computing softwares and it is involved in the search for new materials and cutting-edge solutions in order to improve performance and reliability of Cozzani products.

Our technical department, which has a division fully dedicated to R&D, comes equipped with CAD 2D systems, 3D modelling systems, FEM structural analysis, an internally developed calculating program which enables us to simulate and optimise the shutters dynamic behaviour, and a software for fluidodynamic analysis. Thanks to the latter we are able to calculate the efficiency of different valve channels and to verify the efficiency inside the valve – cylinder assembly. To assure high performances to our valves, the design is associated to the continuous research of new materials, which extends from special steels to innovative plastic materials.

Research & DevelopmentOur technical department identifies and develops solutions making use of the above mentioned calculating programs and of the company over 60 years activity experiences. As a result it chooses the most balanced solution which optimises the performances on one side and the valves life on the other.