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Compressor Valves
Since 1946

Our History

Our History, Our Experience.

We have done great things in the past. Today, we are doing great things for the future. Since 1946 we have been proud to serve the markets with our high quality products. It has been quite a journey, and we promise this is just the beginning, we have got our hearts set on making more history.

Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured to cover a wide range of applications.

Products and Services

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Since 1946 we have been proud to serve the markets with our quality products.

Latest Insights

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Service Shops

Valves Maintenance (overhaul at the service shop). The valve overhauling consists in the following main activities:
  • Valve disassembling and checking of all components;
  • Cleaning of the parts;
  • Fine sandblasting;
  • Machining of the sealing surfaces;
  • Internal parts replacement;
  • Valve assembling and tightening;
  • Functional and leakage test;
  • Protection, packaging and identification of valve;
  • Final certificate of the Valve Overhauling.

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