A  service built on quality and trust.

We are continuously increasing transparency for our customers and all our efforts are      to offer the best service to Clients based on integrity and the benefits of having many years of industry knowledge and experience. Our dedicated team with their refined selection methods, together with sound and friendly advice offer competitive expertise.


Super Yachts construction today is a complicated compound of art and science. Our team can manage projects from first construction steps and respects the dynamics between the different parties that are involved (e.g. sub-contractors, yard workers etc.), deeply understanding milestones and the MO of a shipyard.

A15 also knows and respects the implications of change and the importance of the shipyard timeline.


We also specialise in technical and project management, whether you are looking to design and build a new yacht, or undertake a refit on a currently owned or recently purchased vessel. Our team works within the designer’s vision to optimise the operational flow and set up without impacting the design itself.

We advise on the practical aspect of yacht design from an operational point of view and create OS inventories that are based on available space and the preferred service style of the client.


Our specialist team work with yacht owners and captains to provide a completely bespoke service for all of the yachts we manage. We manage the procurement of owner supply items. Our input is completely dependent on your individual requirements, whether you would like regular communication and support, or a discreet service as and when required. We create all budgets and inventories for turn-key projects and share visual presentations to facilitate the approval process of any owner supply item.

We are flexible:
you can select any of our services which you feel will compliment the project

We are cost-effective:
we can be hired when needed and lay low when not