Dedicated project management
for a “stress-free” experience

Shorten the delivery time of your yacht, but without taking shortcuts in the engineering and build quality. Our team of dedicated experienced professionals has worked for owners of all cultures owning yachts built by a variety of shipyards, in both private and charter settings.

The scope planning process is the very first thing we do to manage your scope, to achieve your goals. Project scope planning is concerned with the definition of all the work needed to successfully meet the project objectives. The whole idea here is that when you start the project with us, you will have a clear picture of all the work that needs to happen on your project, and as the project progresses, we will update you through a project’s scope management plan.

This gives A15 an unmatched critical perspective and knowledge base that is applied to any scope or project. Whether we are involved in a project from General Arrangements to delivery or for a limited scope, A15 supports the roject in a reaistic and efficient way.

We deeply understand the process of working with designer, shipyard and management companies, so we can focus on timeline and results in a better and smarter way.

Each project is unique and differs from each other, because our projects reach a conclusion once your dream goal is achieved. Our proposals are project specific and based on shipyard schedules, milestones and management objectives. Depending on scope, requirements and client preference, we charge either a daily rate or work out a project price. All projects have a beginning and an end. They have a dedicated team, a clear budget, a scheduled timeline and a set of expectations our team needs to meet.

We need to be involved when it matters most: before constructive becomes disruptive.

With this in mind, we break a build project down into stages where different levels of involvement are beneficial. This allows us to tailor our involvement to those periods when it matters most and lay low when not needed.

Professional Services Tailored to your Needs

Our team knows no two yachts are alike. It’s why we’ve tailored our Yacht Management services to satisfy the unique needs of owners, captains, crew, and their yachts. Thereby, assuring we maximize an owner’s enjoyment of their yacht no matter her size or location around the globe.