In the perfect vessel,
design and operations should meet in a mutual exchange.


A15 Consultancy is a group of build consultants in the yacht industry. We are efficient and pragmatic whether involved in a project from concept to delivery or for a limited scope. Collaboration is the most important aspect of our philosophy. It is our mission to prevent the issues that originate from a ‘single viewpoint’, whether from a lay-out, construction, or set-up perspective.

A15 works with management companies, designers, and shipyards to produce the best results on time and within budget. Each project is different and has its particular set of requirements. Our proposals are project-specific and based on shipyard schedules, milestones, and management objectives. A15 is proud to be independently-run, and is not affiliated with any brand or interior supplier.

The management process can be simplified by
understanding the dynamics of different parties.

Who We Are

Our team has over 30 years of combined operational experience in the yacht industry. A15 has an unparalleled knowledge base gained by working for owners within and outside the EU, on yachts built by a variety of shipyards, and in both private and charter settings.

A15 has been extensively involved in all stages of the set-up and construction of yachts ranging in size from 50 to 140 m. Our aim is to translate the owner’s requirements into operational language; consequently, when the completed vessel emerges, she seamlessly moves into operational reality.

More than
30 years
of onboard

Our Team